June— July Holiday Workshops

$45 per Workshop                                 Sibling discount $5.oo

Bookings               mjalogan@live.com                 Margaret Logan

10am to 12pm                                                                                                   Dress to be able to get dirty or provide a paint smock.

Please provide a snack and drink

Wed     30th June           Clay                 Sweet Treats          Cup Cakes     Donuts

Pinch pot cupcakes          Create with clay and paint the creations .


Thurs 8th July      Fluro Tiger 

Drawing ,Painting with Fluro and black paint on a canvas


Fri    9th    July   Puppy over the fence  Drawing,painting on a canvas


Term 3       2021

    Art Classes in Drummoyne

Monday   12th July to 13th September      3.45 pm  to  5.15pm

Tuesday   13th July to 14th  September      3.45 pm   to 5.15pm

Saturday   17th July to 11th September         10 am to 11.30am

$40 per class                       Bookings per term

Term Artist             Vincent  Van Gogh

Some of our projects

Starry Starry Night                Term project  on board Drawing/painting

Café Terrace                              Collaborative Project                  Work together to recreate this famous painting

Sun Flowers                               3d  project on board Drawing /painting adding paper mache to create 3d effect

Garden Sketching                     Sketching/Painting  Going into the garden to sketch flowers then paint these

Still Life                         Inspired by ’ Still Life with Coffee Pot’

Clay                                            Sun Flowers  

Hay Stacks                                 Palette Knife Using the knife to add texture to the hay stacks.

Sketching a room                   Looking at Van Gogh’s works

Portfolio Cover                       ‘ Irises ‘ inspired by van Gogh’s  painting

All work displayed in a portfolio.

All Materials provide.

To enrol email    Margaret Logan         mjalogan@live.com


REGISTERED with NSW Govt for the Creative Kids Voucher


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Term 3  2021      

 Mon, Wed, Thurs             3.45-5.15

Saturday                               10 -11.30

To book contact          Margaret Logan   mjalogan@live.com          0414733098


These ideas are a starting point for the students to expand on.

The Studio runs under a strict covid -19 plan

No attendance if showing any sighs of sickness

No attendance if having any contact with covid – 19

No attendance if returning from overseas or Covid -19 infected area

Signing in and out is done in the outside area

Children to wash hands on arrival and departure

Classes limited to 10 as per mesuring per square metre

No adults in the studio

Staying 1.5 metres from each other

Terms and Conditions

Full payment must be received on booking.

No refunds for non-attendance or cancellation.

No responsibility for children’s clothes. Children to dress appropriately or provide a paint smock.

Enrolment form to be filled in prior to class.

Children to bring a nut free snack and drink.

Parents and children to keep to my covid 19 restriction plan.

Children to be collected at class finishing time. Additional payment may be required if late.

If class is cancelled payments will be returned or held as a credit.

Creative Little Fingers – Covid 19 safe working plan

After speaking at length to the Australian Government help line, the NSW Government help line and Five Dock Police (Constable Howard), I’ve put together a plan for a safe reopening of Creative Little Fingers.

Physical Distancing checklist

Calculation of number of people (up to 1 person per 4 square metres):

  • Studio (indoors) – 43 square metres
  • Maximum number of people 43 / 4 = 10.75 (rounded down to 11)

Maximum children attending – 10

Implement measures to achieve 1.5 metre distance between people 

  • Signing in area (at back gate) – markings on ground 1.5 metres apart. Sign showing 1.5 metres rule.
  • Studio (indoors) – measured to 1.5 metres in between seats.
  • Outside working area – measured to 1.5 metres in between seats.

Communication of measures

  • Families of all children emailed the details
  • Signs on gate, at signing in table, on studio tables, in bathroom.
  • I will talk to classes about the importance of regular hand washing and coughing rules, social distancing rules.

Hand Washing

  • Sanitiser provided at signing in table, to be used by each person signing in a child.
  • All children to wash their hands in bathroom on arrival and departure.
  • Bathroom wipes to be used as required.

Non attendance

  • Children and their families are not to attend if there is any sign of illness – cough, fever in particular.
  • Children returning from overseas – no attendance for two weeks following return date.




Diploma       Children’s care and Education 

Cert 4             Training and Assessing

First Aid Certificate
Asthma and Anaphylaxis Certificate
Working with Children Check

A little about me
· I’ve been working in children’s services for over 30 years in a variety of roles. I have been working at Drummoyne Preschool as an educator and art teacher.I have also been working as an art teacher at Well bank child care centre  Concord and Victoria Ave Childcare centre.

· I’ve attended a many art classes and have spent many hours drawing, painting and creating.

I’ve been able to sell my paintings.
· I’ve set up an art studio in the back room of my home in Drummoyne.
· I’ve been running Creative Little Fingers for 7 years.

(Registered with NSW Govt for Creative Kids $100 rebate)


In house artist sessions for childcare centres are available.

Monday to Friday        9am to 2pm

Classes cover the elements of art in an informative and fun way. Children exploring using mixed media to create art.

My Philosophy
Children and art are a natural combination.
Children create using their own unique ways.
Environment is the key to unlocking their art abilities
Classes will look at extending and developing each child’s interest in art.
Projects will aim to develop:
• Personal expression
• Enjoyment
• Confidence
• Visual awareness
• Imagination
Technical knowledge will be developed by:
• Experimenting with materials and techniques.
• Solving basic design problems.
• Investigating ideas for painting, sculpture, design, print making.
• Looking at styles of past and present artists.
I believe every child has the ability to be an artist — using their ideas, emotions, and life experiences. They however need the opportunity to learn how to tap into their ability and create visual forms.
Art is visual — the classes aim to develop how the child looks at their environment.
The learning process is fun and based on each child’s interests — there is nothing more satisfying than creating.

From Marni, age 7
“Classes with Margaret are sensational. We have so much fun, learning about different types of paintings. And there is a fun surprise at each class and the end of term party.”
From Monika, Marni’s mum
“Margaret provides a calm and safe environment for creative fun and friendships. Each class is different and Marni was completely engaged in each of her classes over two years. I loved how Margaret encouraged her students to tackle some serious artists in their individual interpretation. They are learning about art by stealth whilst having fun. Simply brilliant! Thank you.”
Best regards

Margaret of Creative Little Fingers is never short of ideas to keep our daughters busy on art projects. Before they finish their lesson, they are thinking about next week’s art theme.
Irene and I would like to thank you personally for your dedication, inspiration and thoughtful approach to our daughters to learn in a relaxed environment.
We would not hesitate to recommend Creative Little Fingers to other young artists who want to be inspired !
All the best,
Gable & Irene

“My 7 year old daughter has regularly been doing art with Margaret. She absolutely loves it and creates amazing and interesting art work. I also notice that my daughter’s imagination and creativity at home is expanding and I put  this down to her art classes with Margaret. Further, my daughter has some fine motor difficulties and Margaret’s art classes are great for developing her fine motor skills in a fun environment and much cheaper than therapy. The art classes have been so successful that I recently enrolled my 4 year old and she is also loving them and developing her creativity and fine motor skills.”