Children’s Art Classes in Drummoyne

Come and get Creative !

 January Holiday Workshops 10am to 12pm

Mon 17th Fluro Tiger Drawing and painting on a canvas.

Tues 18th Puppy Over The Fence Drawing and painting on a canvas.

Mon 24th Sparkle Octopus Drawing and painting on a canvas

$45 per workshop.


Term 1 2022

                          Art Classes 5yrs to 12yrs

Come and join in the fun discovering

Abstract Art

Term Project

We will be creating on a canvas using a variety of techniques.

Splatter, lines, painting, layering.

Looking at a different abstract artists

Paul Klee

Jackson Pollack

Jonathan Gemmell

Using these as inspiration

Other Projects. Acrylic Pour, Layer Abstract ,Beach sketching.

10 week Term Mon,Tues, Sat. From 5th Feb

$40 per class term booking        $45 per class casual booking

All materials provided.

Bookings Margaret Logan

REGISTERED with NSW Govt for the Creative Kids Voucher

All Materials provide.

Always developing the students talents

These ideas are a starting point for the students to expand on.

Please bring a snack and drink

Some of our projects . Always incorporating the elements of art and the children’s ideas .