Children’s Art Classes in Drummoyne

Learning in these groups and environment allows for discussion. Students can articulate their ideas and question.   This allows creativity to develop.

Term 2      

Mon  Wed  Thurs 3.45 — 5.15            Sat     10—11.30

$40 per class                Term bookings

To Book Contact   Margaret Logan

Term Artist Ben Quilty

Portfolio       All work displayed in a portfolio which goes home at the end of term.

Visual Art Diary      Students to take this home and sketch in each week, ideas given each week.

Term Project       Self Portrait with a twist on board

Background created by spraying throwing of paint.


Collaborative Project  Puzzle Pieces Add a drawing to a piece and then paint ,collage your creation


Clay          Sculptures

Palette knife painting  Adding a medium to paint then use a palette knife.

Cars               Drawing ,painting, inspired by Ben’s works


Budgie          Painting a budgie inspired by Bens work


Sketching on the beach      Adding an inspiring word to the sketch. 


Art in an environment that emphasises learning through experimenting and creating.


Always developing the students talents

These ideas are a starting point for the students to expand on.

Thank you Margaret. Sophie enjoyed so much.


Some of our projects . Always incorporating the elements of art and the children’s ideas .