Children’s Art Classes

Drummoyne Childrens Art Classes    5yrs to 12yrs  

Art in an environment that emphasises learning through experimenting and creating.

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Learning in these groups and environment allows for discussion. Students can articulate their ideas and question.   This allows creativity to develop.


April Holiday Workshops 

10am to 12pm

Cost:               $45 per workshop.

5 years to 12 years


Heres what we have planned

Thurs   8th           DOGS    Drawing, painting on a canvas.


Fri    9th             FRUIT   Abstract drawing ,painting on canvastempImagesOgyn9

Mon    12th        DONUTS       Drawing ,painting on canvas.tempImageUaK9dr  

Thurs  15th         CATS  Designing using a simple cat drawing.tempImage8x9gve


Fri       16th                CLAY            Monster Pots


**Registered for $100 Creative Kids Voucher*

All materials provided

Children to bring a snack and water bottle

Thank you Margaret. Sophie enjoyed so much.


Some of our projects . Always incorporating the elements of art and the children’s ideas .

IMG_2063              IMG_1527