Children’s Art Classes in Drummoyne

Bookings Margaret Logan

Creative Kids Vouchers accepted

All Materials provided

July Holiday Workshops

TERM 3 CLASSES 2022page1image34959168   page1image34960704 page1image34947840 $40.00 per class (Term Booking) $45.00 per class (Casual Booking)
All materials provided
  page1image34963200  page1image34950336 page1image34958976 page1image34950528  page1image34948800 page1image34949568 page1image34951104 page1image34963008     page1image34996992 page1image35001792 page1image35002560 page1image35000832  page1image35003712 page1image35007360 page1image35009280 page1image35007744 page1image34999872 page1image35006208  page1image34998912 page1image35001408
25th JULY TO 24TH SEPTEMBER MONDAY 3:45-5:15PM TUESDAY 3:45-5:15PM SATURDAY 10:00-11:30AM
   SPOTLIGHT ARTISTHenri Matisse 1869-1954, French Matisse was well know as a daughtsman, scuptor, printer. Areas we will be working on inspired by Henri Matisse Cut Outs -Using Matisse’s cut out technique Drawing and Painting -Inspired by Matisse’s work “Fish Bowl” and “Cat and Fish Bowl“. Sketching and Painting Beach Landscape– Inspired by Matisse‘s landscape work.
Still Life– Looking at “Still Life with Magnolia” Collecting from beach excursion to set up,and draw and paint. TERM PROJECT Cut Outs Inspired by Henri Matisse’s technique.
Painting paper, cutting shapes, arranging on a painted canvas. Using colour and various painting techniques.
Margaret Logan mjalogan@live.compage1image35074624  page1image35075584 page1image35075776 page1image35068096  page1image35071360 page1image35077696 page1image35065024
Indoor and Outdoor areas to create


Mondays 2nd May 3.45 to 5.15





Term Artist          Margare

Garden Sket

All Materials provide.

Always developing the students talents

These ideas are a starting point for the students to expand on.

Please bring a snack and drink

Some of our projects . Always incorporating the elements of art and the children’s ideas .















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